The Evolution of Slamfist

So here I am, unable to sleep as per the usual, and I figured I would try yet again to make a post. This will be my 4th or 5th attempt at this point, previous ideas including the top 4 movies of 2011 that made me lose faith in Hollywood. I abandoned that one after I realized how many movies that were released last year that I was just unable to stomach even the thought of seeing, and having been unable to sit through those, my lost faith in Hollywood would never be complete. So yeah, dropped that idea.

Then, while laying here in the dark, staring up at the ceiling, I thought, some people might actually be interested in who we are, and where we came from. So basically, this is my version of the Slamfist story.

-What is Slamfist Media?-

Slamfist Media started out with a rather simple idea. We were two film fanatics, that also happened to have a love of special effects makeup. A deep appreciation for the works of industry stalwarts like Tom Savini, Rick Baker and Greg Nicotero, was something I believe we both shared. And while I can not speak for Josh, I know that I personally wanted to try to recreate those effects I saw in the movies. Perhaps this was a little foolhardy since I had no experience doing such things, but I had a desire, and for me, that was enough. So one day, we were brought together to work on a friend's fake zombie movie trailer (long story) and on that day, the seed of what would eventually become Slamfist Media was planted.

-Why Slamfist?-

The name was kind of Josh's idea, I just said "Sure! Sounds like a good name." At the time, we were still working from a effects makeup ideology, and I thought Slamfist had the proper visceral tone that I wanted to convey with our work. We figured it would be an easily marketable name that kind of just rolls off the tongue. And, at the time we were hoping to do some work on possibly making custom Halloween masks, and potentially capitalizing off the popularity of my favorite holiday. Again, Slamfist gave the proper feeling in my mind, and so we went with it.

-What happened to the Special Effects Makeup?-

Well, Special Effects Make-up is still one of my great passions, and I refuse to abandon it completely. However, the stuff we were trying to do was rather draining financially, and since I currently lack proper studio space, we do not have the space to fulfill this dream. we then moved through ideas that Josh has touched on in his introductory post. But in short, we also wanted to do movies, and comics. With all these ideas, there is little out there hampering our creativity, other than the need to work day jobs to obtain the money to fund our projects. Even though the Slamfist brand requires a decent amount of money, in our minds, this is a labor of love, and not a profit-seeking venture. Any money that comes in because of Slamfist-branded properties will go back to make MORE Slamfist-branded properties. Success in this venture will not be measured in how deep we line our pockets, but by the number of quality products we can put out there.

-What does the future hold for Slamfist?-

The future of Slamfist, in my mind, is a sort of living, breathing media conglomerate. A multi-national group of creators out there to entertain the masses, and tell stories worth being told. some day this will all be more than just a blog, there will be places for people to interact with each other, to share thoughts and feelings about various ongoing projects. We might solicit ideas from readers and like-minded individuals from time to time. So basically, in the end, Slamfist is not about Josh and myself. Slamfist is about all of us.

This is the Evolution of Slamfist. The story is just beginning, and I hope that everyone out there will come along for this ride, and see where it will go.

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