Frank's Most Anticipated Games: 2012 Edition

So, we've talked about our love of comics, and our love of movies already on this blog, but we have yet to discuss anything at all relating to video games. And, since I am seeming to be less prolific than may counterpart in these blog posts, I figured I would step up my game, and talk about games!

So, my goal here is to tell you in part, the games that I look forward to playing most this year. Now, it should be known that I play a lot of games, hell I'm actually playing one as I type this post up (Disgaea 4, if you are wondering). I've managed to kill several systems, and am currently on my second PS3 and Xbox 360. And, in what I believe to be a small bit of coincidence, the last game I played on every system that died or was retired, was a Square-Enix game.

So, back to the original purpose of this posting. What games will I be playing this year, as long as the games don't get Duke Nukem-ed? The following list will be in no particular order. Games being released this year were "verified" by checking the Wikipedia, and release dates are subject to change. I will also attempt to put up some small thoughts on each entry on the list, and as we did with the Top movies of 2011, I will attempt to put a link to the games homepage where applicable. And, if we're lucky... PICTURES!

1) Mass Effect 3 - I've been a fan of the Mass Effect series for a long time, or at least as long as one can be a fan of a series that started in 2007. So, it goes without saying that I am eager to see how this trilogy plays out. This is one of those games that has me pondering going out and buying the first one again, but this time on PS3 so that I can have a truly continuous story, since I bought the original on 360, and the 360 was dead at the time number 2 was released. With this being the "final" entry into the series, I am expecting all the stops to be pulled out and for this to be the biggest of the lot. Look for this game to theoretically hit stores on March 6 (coincidentally, the same day that the Game of Thrones hits BD and DVD... My poor PS3 is gonna be in overdrive!)  ....It's a sad thing that I think the first game isn't available to play through all the way.

2) Diablo 3 - Honestly, I swear everything isn't going to be a sequel. The Diablo series is one that I think needs no introduction. One of Blizzard's holy trinity of gaming, Diablo has been holding gamers in thrall for somewhere around 15 years now. This is also one of those games that I fear could be Duke Nukem-ed just by the shear fact that people have been waiting so long for it, that Blizzard knows that they can't afford to fuck this one up. Also, as far as I know, there is no release date scheduled for this one... Correct me if I'm wrong. When this one finally does hit, I imagine it will suck up the lives of many a gaming geek, myself included. However I don't expect this until at LEAST the 3rd quarter.

3) Borderlands 2 - Let the sequel fest continue. Like Hollywood, game developers are sequel crazy this year, and it looks to me like I will be offering up a lot of cash to to dark lord of Sequels this year. The follow-up to the bizarre, over-the-top, shooter looks to be ramping up the bizarre, and taking that over-the-topness ...well... even further over-the-top. The original was a quirky, darkly humorous trip into a violent desolate wasteland. Reminiscent of Fallout 3, I found myself enamored with the strange cel-shaded graphics, and goofy characters, and ended up making excuses to visit my little brother just to play some multi-player. (I know it can be played online, but when you are playing in the same room there are never random disconnects or lag issues.) When this one hits June 30th, get ready for shotguns that shoot out grenades, and electrified pistols galore.

4) Resident Evil 6 - 2012 IS the year of the Resident Evil. With 3 games announced, and a movie as well, you won't be able to escape the zombies... and if you do you've managed to find a cave to live in. Which is actually a horrible zombie survival strategy. Well shit, while trying to look up how many games in there were in the series, it looks like there is ANOTHER animated film coming out this year as well. With all this zombie-lovin' taking place, why does RE6 get on this list and the others don't? Plain and simple, It's part of the core. It continues the story of the previous numbered RE games, rather than expanding the universe with various support stories. Come Nov. 20th, I think there will be much zombie blasting, and that's the way I like it.

5) Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Wow. That one is a bit of a mouthful. And with R.A. Salvatore working on the world, and Todd McFarlane working on the art, this game will be fairly awesome. I was leery of this title at first, in part because trying to say the name made me feel like I was at least partially drunk. But being a follower of Todd's on Facebook, his various posts in regards to this game made me look into it further, and after playing the demo, I was sold. Feeling like the bastard child of God of War and Skyrim, the demo had plenty to do, and had the feel of an MMO while remaining a single player game. And for someone with a rather suspect internet connection, this is a great way to get that MMO fix without the random DC. Look for this one to hit stores Feb. 7th.  (Initial thoughts on Amalur)

Naturally, not every game I am looking forward to can make this list. If I tried, this list would likely be longer than all of our other blog posts combined... I decided on 5, because well... 5 is a good number. But, there are other games... Such as Neverwinter(an MMO), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (sequel-ception!), Gotham City Imposters (Batman Multiplayer!), Guildwars 2 (might come out this year, who knows), Lollipop Chainsaw (Buffy the Zombie Slayer), and Torchlight 2 (Diablo light).

So I admit, I am a bit of a sequel whore. Sorry about that. Either way, chime in and let me know... What are YOUR most anticipated games of 2012?

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