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So, I didn't get around to seeing a movie yet this week. But, hey... At least Josh managed to post a movie review, so we had content on Sunday! I think that deserves a "Huzzah!"

Well, I am going to get a meet the team post, and up today is Brandon. You may have seen his thoughts about upcoming comic books a few posts back. If you haven't, go check it out. For now, though... I think it is about time for you guys to get to know him.

Brandon, this is all you, after the jump.

Can you tell us your full name?  Brandon Keith Rivers

Where are you from?  Cincinnati, Ohio, born and raised. My elder's were all raised in the country, therefore I may bust out a very country line or two when I talk to you. Or yell at you. Whichever comes first.

What do you do for a living?  Customer Service Manager, which basically entails me getting compliments and complaints (mostly complaints), babysitting teenage workers, and basic accounting duties. In many ways, you'd think I hate this job. Tis' not the case. I like working with people, and I take pride in anything I do. That doesn't mean I don't hate the job at some points. I think we all do...

List 3 favorite movies:
Accepted - I'm a big Justin Long and Jonah Hill fan, and this is one of Jonah Hill's earlier successes. The idea of starting a college to learn what you REALLY want to learn. Who wouldn't love to go there?

 The Dark Knight - Yes, some of you will groan "oh he's just a big comic book nerd". While that is the case, that is not why I love this movie. It explores what happens when someone takes the notion of chaos, and has absolutely no qualms with using it to deadly effect. In a world where most comic book movies suck, this is the North Star that most should follow; Maybe not in the extremely grounded mood and world, but with the emotion and storytelling, and the investment that went into making these characters feel real.

Bruce Almighty - I love Jim Carrey. Always have, always will. Paired with Morgan Freeman as "God", this story delves into the human soul, and gives a new spin on what it is to believe in a higher power. Even if you don't believe in a deity or higher power, it shows you that belief in something can help a person get through their life. Plus, who doesn't want to part their tomato soup like the Red Sea?

List 3 favorite TV shows:

1. Smallville - While a more grounded approach to the super hero genre (i.e. Batman 1960's, Wonder Woman, etc.), this show made history as one of the longest running shows in recent history, not to mention THE longest running sci-fi show. Some very good acting by relative unknowns (Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Michael Rosenbaum) show what good direction and story-telling can do for a more fantastical concept. While the mid-to-late seasons showed some slack (specifically seasons 5-8), by the end of the run, no one could deny what Smallville accomplished. Telling a good story about one of America's oldest pop-culture icons and the world's first true "superhero"

2. The Big Bang Theory - What can I say? This is a superb ensemble cast, with Johnny Galecki (Rosanne), Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules), and Jim Parsons (Judging Amy) leading the charge. What appeals to me is the all the real-world science lingo, the sci-fi nerdy-ness of the characters, and the ability of Jim Parsons to make me laugh at least a few times every episode. The ability for the supporting characters to grow, with the exception being Kunal Nayaar's Raj, is what also appeals to me. Allowing characters to explore other things while remaining who they are inside is a big plus that resonates with me personally.

3. The Simpsons - Seriously? You have to ask? Who here has never said "Do'h", "Eat My Shorts", or started an angry phrase with "Why You Little..."? If you have never uttered these words, I fear for the future of humanity...

List 3 favorite books:

Tietam Brown (by Mick Foley); Animorphs (by K.A. Applegate); Always Looking Up: the Adventures of an Incurable Optimist (by Michael J. Fox)

What is your role in Slamfist Media (SFM)?

Writer/Directoral Duties

Besides working on SFM related projects, what else do you do with your free time?

WORK (a lot), play video games, read and collect comic books, logo concept art, collect and watch all kinds of movies. Working out to better my health and live a long and happy life.

What would you consider your greatest influence(s) that inspire you creatively?

My brother, Patrick: No matter how dark or gloomy the times got, he was the only one who could brighten my day and let me forget my troubles, even if it were for a just a moment or two.

Comic Book Artists & Writers: Without their work to guide me, I wouldn't have the ambition and personality I have today. Even though superheroes aren't "real", they have the ability to inspire real people in a real world to be better.

Do you have any personal goals with SFM?

To help my friends and I fulfill a personal goal that we each have, and to help expand our medium to new heights, even if we never get a dime from it. As long has you do what you love, you will always be happy.

Where would you like to see SFM 5 years from now?

Personally, I would like to see it as a full-fledged entertainment brand, even if its only locally. I want to be able to say, "look at what we made", and be extremely proud of it. I would like to see the Supara comic at least in its second volume, and have other projects going to help get our name out there and show that we have a voice, and we have something to tell the world at large.

What form of media would you like to work in most? (i.e. novelization, comic book, audio theatre, short film, feature film, etc...)

Most likely writing novelizations and comic books, and being in a directorial/writing capacity with short and feature films.

If you could sum up in one sentence what SFM means to the average person, what would you say?

To the average person? Well, I would hope it means a place to go to find a good story to read, a place to be heard, and a helpful guide to others looking to live their dreams.

Where else could we see your work or social networks?

My Facebook Page

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