The Supara Files: Auerbach Journals 3

There is more to Supara than just the comic. In an effort to establish the universe, we are presenting a series of establishing pieces, helping to flesh out the era of The Foundation. My contribution to this effort, will be the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

These posts may contain spoilers for what will come, so be warned. Also, these posts are written from a regular person, and are HIS perceptions of the universe at large. So the "reality" of his journals may not actually jive with the "reality" of the universe itself. His story continues after the jump...

December 22nd, 1949

I spoke too soon of pity for these “Powers”. I had yet to witness the destruction that they bring in their wake. Should I have been surprised? The stories of those I imagine were the ancient “Powers” often included violence and destruction. Why should the “Powers” of today be any different?

I suppose it was the rose-colored glasses of compassion. I see them now for what they truly are, a menace to society. A small city in Utah was utterly demolished today as these “Powers” raged. How many were killed, how much property damage wrought? Yet, the news heralds this Foundation as saviors. They do not see the evil perpetuated by the Foundation. Had they stayed out of it, one or two civilians may have been injured, some may have suffered a little property damage, but the vast majority of the town would have gone unscathed.

How can the public not see such things? How can they be so blind? I must tell them. I must help them see that the “Powers” are a menace.

---From the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

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