The Supara Files: Auerbach Journals 8

There is more to Supara than just the comic. In an effort to establish the universe, we are presenting a series of establishing pieces, helping to flesh out the era of The Foundation. My contribution to this effort, will be the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

These posts may contain spoilers for what will come, so be warned. Also, these posts are written from a regular person, and are HIS perceptions of the universe at large. So the "reality" of his journals may not actually jive with the "reality" of the universe itself. His story continues after the jump...

March 30th, 1950

It's an odd thing. A few days ago, I watched as they lowered the woman that gave my life meaning into the ground, and even though my heart still aches, the tears no longer come. I'm a dried out husk of the man I used to be, and without Maria here to give my life purpose, I just feel like a boat set adrift. I have to stay strong, for Barbara's sake. She's too young to understand what has happened, and if there is anything good in this sick twisted universe, she'll not remember this.

I wish I could forget. Wish I could feel something other than anger. Every time I close my eyes, I see her, wrapped in bandages, hooked up to all of those damnable machines. I see the leader of The Foundation, coming to the hospital to try and justify his actions. Can you believe that some of those bastards actually tried to come to Maria's funeral? They actually tried to crash her funeral. As if it wasn't bad enough that their kind killed her, they had to show up to rub it in my face. My final goodbye, ruined.

One of these days, I will repay them. One of these days. And as they mourn their loss, perhaps then...

Perhaps then I will finally find peace.

---From the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

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