State of the Fist: April 2012

The power of Twitter is an amazing thing. I spend a lot of time there, and am regularly asking for input from my followers, and quite often that input finds its way into the blog, or at least put on the back-burner for potential inclusion into the blog. I value your input, so please keep it coming, follow us on Twitter, Email Us, or Like us on Facebook. Come and join in, and help this blog grow.

Now onto the business at hand. My goal here is to make a "State of the Fist" post every quarter, and keep everyone abreast of what is going on in the world of Slamfist Media. I may end up cutting that estimate back so that I only do it every 6 months, but I want to make this a regular thing.

Read on after the jump.

One of my big goals with Slamfist Media, is to make this not about a handful of guys writing and geeking out about various things we are passionate about, but rather to create a portal to form a larger community ... but more on this later.

So, we've been making progress towards some of our other projects. Mr. Michael Mayne has been commissioned to draw up three more comics for our Supara project, and from the sketches I have seen already, these are going to be amazing. Check out a link to his Deviant Art page over on the right in our "Professional Contacts" link section. Trust me, the man has talent, and I am glad Josh found him.

Also, we have contacted someone about getting a new logo made. I have heard complaints about the current logo from several people I have talked to, and I want you to know your concerns have been noted, and we are actively seeking to get a brand-spanking new logo, that I can hopefully have live by May. Keep an eye out for it. Once everything has been finalized on that front, expect another addition to the "Professional Contacts" section to the right. Based on the early artwork for the logo, I have to say I am fairly happy with how that is shaping up.

I am also in the process of finalizing some office space for the Slamfist team to meet. This would double as a place for us to eventually do a podcast, and if all goes well, we will have whiteboards there to write down ideas, and keep track of them. Things are moving along fairly well on that front, and I should have more information about that at a later date.

Another interesting bit, directly related to the office space issue is that I am looking into formally writing up a proposal, and getting Slamfist Media recognized as an actual business. Analyzing that and speaking with a few professional contacts in regards to the pros and cons of various business types. We shall see how that one progresses in the coming months.

Next up, things we are actively seeking still, and once again going back to my initial premise of a community. We need more people. Specifically, more people who would like to write for us, as well as an artist who can work on sequential art, so we can get our comic moving along. Josh is hard at work on the script for the comic, but I am still desperately seeking someone to do the interior art. As far as writers go, we're looking for additional bloggers. I want to give the community a voice, and a place for them to voice there opinions on just about anything; movies, music, comics, television, video games, websites, books, etc. If you want to join our team, email me, we can talk.

One more thing I am looking for, I want to advertise the blog... But, I don't want to put up an annoying banner ad on various sites, or do some doofy pop up ad that will only result in calls for my head on a pike. Rather, I am looking to do a simple link exchange. Link to us, and I will link back to you in my "Friends of the Fist" section. Just contact me either through email or through Twitter if you're interested.

I think that will just about do it for the first ever "State of the Fist".

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