The Supara Files: Auerbach Journals 9

There is more to Supara than just the comic. In an effort to establish the universe, we are presenting a series of establishing pieces, helping to flesh out the era of The Foundation. My contribution to this effort, will be the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

These posts may contain spoilers for what will come, so be warned. Also, these posts are written from a regular person, and are HIS perceptions of the universe at large. So the "reality" of his journals may not actually jive with the "reality" of the universe itself. His story continues after the jump...

June 1st, 1950

They took Barbie away from me. I suppose that was for the best. With no job, and nothing but my hatred to keep me going, I'm far from what she needs in her life right now. She'll likely not even remember me, or Maria. She'll be able to live her life, and possibly find happiness in this horrible depressing world. In a small way, the thought of her finding happiness, gives me a momentary smile.

Then I remember the task at hand.

In California, it is easy to find a group that hates the “powers” as much as I do. I needed only to head north to Berkeley. And with no job, and no commitments, it was easy to just leave it all behind. The house only served to remind me of Maria, anyway.

Ah, but in Berkeley, the righteousness that lived there, the fiery hatred burned deep in their souls, and in that small group, I found the kindred spirits that I was hoping for. Ex-military, well-armed, and fueled by the same seething hatred that kept me going. With them, I knew my vengeance was possible. With them, I knew I would see the Foundation hung for their crimes.

Even now, the noose is tightening, and they are oblivious.

---From the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

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