SlamFiction: Ron Stone- Part 5

So welcome to part 5 of the SlamFiction experiment. Now coming at you twice a week until I either run out of material, or actually finish this undertaking.

Now for a little bit of randomness before I go into the story itself. Whenever I write, I tend to picture who would play the part of the characters if I were to make a movie of it. Ron Stone is no different. I have a very specific person in mind when I write her, and I use her to imagine just about everything Miss Stone does. I rarely tell people who the person I picture is. Main reason being, I don't ever know if it will change the reader's experience. 

Why did I ramble on like that? I want to know if anyone who reads the story can guess what actress I imagine when I write Miss Stone...

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Now check out the rest of the story, after the Jump

Credits for male name @Dianecw60 and @Skooal

The crack that I heard next, was not the crack that ended with my skull caved in. In fact, there was no pain at all. Warily, I opened my eyes in time to see the scarred giant crumple to the floor, revealing a man with a small hammer, standing there behind him.

The man stepped over the giant, and offered me a hand, which I reluctantly took. No sooner was I back on my feet though, then the man's face turned bright red and he turned away. “Um... Miss, you're uh... that is to say...”

As he hurriedly exited the room, I noticed that my robe had come undone sometime during my mad dash to get away from the giant, and I had apparently just given my rescuer quite a show. I could feel the heat rising in my own cheeks, as I quickly closed up the robe and re-cinched it. I edged my way around the unconscious giant, and then gave him a firm kick in the ribs, before scurrying out to meet the man

He was standing by the ruins of my front door, his back to me. Beyond him, I could see a series of heads poking out of the doors along the hallway. Suddenly self-conscious, I grabbed my still packed bag, and disappeared to get dressed, paying no heed to whether my clothes matched. When I came back out, I was wearing an old green t-shirt, and my khaki shorts. My hair was still a mess, and full of splinters, but there was little to be done about that.

“Thank you, Mr....” I stood back just a bit, not fully trusting this man who had saved my life.

“Blake. Ashton Blake.” He turned, and seemed to be somewhat relieved that I was fully clothed. “I um... I live just down the hall, I heard the commotion and I uh...”

“Thanks for the save, Mr. Blake.” I offered a hand, and smiled as he shook it. I then stooped to grab my purse, and with it the cell phone. “Can we wait in your apartment until the police get here? I don't want to be here if the ape wakes up.”

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