SlamFiction: Ron Stone-Part 10

Wow, 10 parts already? Kinda shocked I made it this far in what I was hoping was going to be an exceedingly short exercise. Well, Nothing to be done about it now, except to keep going and see how many parts it ends up at. If I can advance the story this far, in 10 parts, I think I can possibly manage to finish everything off in about 25 to 30, maybe? And then after it is all said and done, comes the glorious task of editing it, making cuts and additions, and creating one master file that I can distribute to the three people that might actually be reading this!

So onward we go, into part 10 of the tale of Ron Stone... After the Jump!

Rational thought is quick to abandon you when fear digs its claws into your brain. Thought abandons you, and the fight or flight response kicks in. When you see a man two feet taller than you, barreling down towards you, that is generally a perfect reason to start feeling fear. My memory of the flight is a frenzied series of frenetic images. I remember running, falling, several flights of stairs, and an explosive pain in my arm.

Next thing I remember clearly, I was at the bottom of a flight of stairs, my left arm pinned at an unnatural angle behind me, and Ashton frantically trying to pull me to the door. The pain in my arm was nearly unbearable, and every pull sent another shock of pain through my body. My screams echoed off the walls of the empty stairwell, and just when I thought I couldn't take any more, I was free.

A quick look at my arm told me it was broken, but the thing that cut through the pain, was the sight of the giant lying on the ground next to me, with his next twisted around. His eyes were still open, but unblinking. With Ashton's help, I managed to get to my feet, so I could stand over the brute that had twice tried to kill me. I couldn't resist the sudden urge to kick the bastard, over and over.

“You like that, fucker?” I was yelling, not giving a damn who heard me. Each kick hurt, but I didn't care. It just felt too good to vent all the fear, all the frustration, all of the anger from the previous twenty four hours. I couldn't tell you how many kicks I landed, or even where they landed, all I could tell you is that by the time Ashton finally pulled me away, I was smiling through the haze of tears.

“Ms... Ron. We have to get out of here.” He sounded desperate, and out of breath. His voice came out in ragged gasps. “I don't think we want to be here when the police arrive.”

As I turned away from the dead man, I thought I saw a flicker of movement, a flash of yellow reptilian eyes, but Ashton was pulling me down the last flight of steps, and the body was quickly out of sight.


  1. I love this story! I cant wait to see how this ends. Keep it coming!

    1. I'm a little worried, I only have one more back up chapter... I've been a little stressed out, and that has killed my creativity... Might take the laptop over to the new office and see if that inspires creativity... Once I get some furniture over there, that is.