Supara Update #10 : Meetings

Supara Update is an occasional column/thread about anything going on regarding our first foray into the indie comic book world.

I decided it was time to revisit the concept of the Supara update, with a subject that has been weighing heavily on my mind for the last couple of weeks: Meetings. One of the things I think is tantamount to creating a good project is to have the entire team meet on a fairly regular basis. So in this post, I hope to discuss some of the ins and outs of these meetings, how we structure them, and what I kind of hope to accomplish with these meetings. So, please read on after the jump.

When I first got involved in this project, meetings were sporadic. When the mood struck us, we would get together, generally in an IHOP, and bullshit for a couple of hours but in general get very little done. While these types of meetings were enjoyable, they lacked in productivity, and did very little to progress our assorted projects.

With the addition of the new office space, we have a dedicated place to meet, and work on ideas. And with that space available, we have managed to get together multiple times in the last two weeks, and make more forward momentum with the Supara project in those meetings, then I think we have in any of the previous months worth of work.

The basic point here being, that having designated space is important to endeavors such as this. Places where you can pin things to the walls, and spread out. Places to work together, with no distractions. Work in a group environment is a glorious thing, if you can remove the desire to just bullshit constantly.

For our meetings, I like to keep references available, so every last bit of art we have had commissioned is on display and readily visible. Visual aids like this help to remind everyone involved just what we are working towards, as well as manages to show a certain amount of progress. Inspire people while showing them the fruit of their labors.

In the end, the proper environment is a must. If you don't provide the proper environment for a meeting, expect to get nothing at all accomplished.

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