Slamfist Social Media Plan

In the world today, there is almost no escaping it. Social Media sites are everywhere. And in this world of Facebooks and Twitters, it is ... unavoidable that we will have to conform to this model, if we wish to reach the maximum number of people out there. So, in pursuit of that end, I have spent a good deal of the day working on various social media outlets, so that we can connect with the fans on as many levels as possible.

No, that isn't right... I don't think of this venture as creating fans, but rather that it is creating a community. So, I want to connect with the community at large, whether it be on Twitter (@Slamfistmedia), Facebook (Check out the "Like" Button to the right), or even Deviant Art. Hell, there is even a tumblr page!

So, I think I can safely say for the moment I have social media covered. Keeping it all updated is going to be a bit of a difficult matter. Things will be updated all over the place. Sometimes, there will be things that just don't fit into the Slamfist website, so I'll put it up on Facebook. Or, I might want to make a big announcement... So, I'll Tweet it. My goal however is to make it so that you don't have to be part of every social media site under the sun, so to that end, I plan on putting a Twitter Feed over on the side eventually, too. And Tumblr and Deviant Art will likely be used simply to showcase the various art we have commissioned. So, rather than host those images on this blog in a diminished form, I'll post links to the full pictures on dA and Tumblr.

So, please. If you're on Facebook... Take a moment and click over there to Like us.

I'm gonna stop rambling now!

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