GAMES: Amalur- Initial Impressions

As it was one of my most anticipated games of the year, I figure this is worthy of an extra blog post. I purchased Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on release day, no pre-order, so I miss out on the special pre-order bonuses, but I already have too much on pre-order as it is. And I did not pick this up at midnight, as I was too busy putting final touches on my thoughts on Woman in Black. But, I have a copy in hand and will be starting it up to give my initial thoughts on the game.

Follow on, dear readers. After the jump, let the game begin!
This will be a little more stream of thought than actual review. I am literally playing the game with my laptop in front of me, writing shit down as it comes to mind.

First off, developers... I HATE day of release patch content. I understand that it may at times be necessary, but hell, it sucks popping in the game and waiting forever to actually play. Think I'll take a nap while I wait for this to finish.

15 minutes later I've almost made it to the game and...Finally the opening cinematic. But anyone who has played the demo should be familiar with this. It's fun, manages to set up the universe well, I think. And it manages to integrate the character creation rather well.

One benefit of the character creator that I love in this game, is that you can actually make a character that is an atheist. Hell yeah, it's actually an option! Now, anyone that knows me, knows I love a good character creation tool. Customizable characters are a great way to let the player to be more invested in the game.

Another issue I have at the moment, is that after I spent an hour creating the perfect character aesthetic in the demo, all that work was for naught, because that character will not carry over into the game proper. Time to spend an hour making a new character... give or take.

The character creation in this game is not as in depth as say... Skyrim. But it is much more in depth than World of Warcraft. So while you may not be able to create a character that is 100% your own, it is not doomed to look too ordinary.

Thus far, there has been little to no deviation from the demo. So, if you're looking to figure out if Amalur is right for you, I insist that you download the demo and try it now. So far, there is nothing too overly complicated with the controls, they seem to handle well, and are on the most part akin to what one would expect from a similar game.

Playing it a little longer now, I am getting a sort of "Fable" vibe from the game. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. Fable was a fun game, in small doses. The voices in Amalur, combined with their class system lends itself to a Fable comparison, though. I suppose that anytime when there are three basic classes (Warrior, rogue, and Mage) I'm naturally going to think of Fable.

The conversation system is a little clunky, when compared to systems like Mass Effect, but on the whole it is a workable system.

So after about 3 hours of initial gameplay, I'm digging things so far.

I might make an addendum to this post in the near future, before Mass Effect 3, to give a more complete series of thoughts.

Anyone else like to weigh in on the game can do so in the comments section.

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