Supara Update #3: The Foundation

Supara Update is an occasional column/thread about anything going on regarding our first foray into the indie comic book world.

Another week passes in the world of SFM and I’m here to give you a summarized breakdown of each of our early era Supara characters. Now not all of these are going to appear as major roles within our first book but we intend to use them for historical references and develop them further in other mediums. All of these could be considered spoiler-y but we’re confident enough to show what we have thus far because even to us; it’s an ever-growing character study of our own creation(s). So please, if you’re interested in our world and its roots… indulge a bit. More after the jump.

I’m going to list these characters giving a little bit of details i.e.) displaying their name, physical outline, powers, and premise by which we originally created them for. For example: If the character was introduced in the 1940’s (all of these are), we’ll describe them in their original form; not them currently (assuming they’re still living). I will not specify if they're villains or heroes because in the grand scheme of things; those details matter too much right now.

Now "The Foundation" was the first superhero team and exposure of “Powers” (those with superhuman-like abilities) living amongst us. The Foundation, as will be explained in our story, was the start of the costume-wearing movement. Not necessarily to hide their true identities but to be a symbol for the American people. Warning: There are indeed 7 of them… prepare yourself. We’ll start with their leader:

---- ---- ----
Name: Charles Hudson
Alias: Sergeant
Birth date: April 16th, 1931
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 228 lbs.
Body Type: Broad/Athletic
Hair color: Jet Black
Eye color: Grey
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Algorithmic Foresight – A natural ability to quickly predict certain situations off of weighing different mathematically based elements such as, but not limited to, historical references, time, date, place, temperature, etc… Though he isn't correct all the time, the likelihood is he is  more so than not.
Military Intelligence (Broad) – Extensive training within the National Division of Sciences.

- Hudson ran away from home at an early age to escape an abusive household.
- Hudson was adopted by the Nation Division of Science due to his incredible ability to calculate the future.
- Went to college, trained in military combat, but never served time on the battlefield.
- Appointed leader of a new of policing initiative referred to as “The Foundation” as well as the poster child for the Power movement.

---- ---- ----
Name: Vor-Khai
Alias: Imperial, Marcus Moore (given human identity)
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 280 lbs
Body Type: Tall and Bulky (body builder), claws on hands & feet, no nose or ears
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: White
Ethnicity: Alien (Ka’shasi [blue skinned])

Visceral Athlete – His body lends itself to pull off incredible feats that are twice what any human can pull off. Basically everything that a top athlete in any given category can do physically; Khai can do almost double.
Q’wenu Footed (parkour) – Khai’s ability to move fluently through his lush, jungle home planet allows him to move even quicker here on Earth.
Trained Hypermobility – Khai can disjoint his body/limbs to fit into otherwise smaller spaces and limited in combat usage to avoid damage.
Ka’Vor Warrior – Trained by his people, Khai fights with a unique fluid combination of what looks like Kung-Fu, Savate, and Jiu-Jitsu.
Ka’shasi’s Breath – Khai ages extremely slow. Average life for a Ka’shasi live span is +200 Earth years.

- Vor-Khai is an alien of planet “Q'wenu”; still ravaged from a multigenerational civil war.
- His leader sends him (among others) to seek aid as a last ditch effort.
- For reasons unexplainable, within his frozen state he crashes in New Mexico (Roswell) .
- The wreck effects his memory and he forgets the reasons why he had left.
- Recognizing his power and seeking peace, the American Government partnered with the National Division of Sciences appease Khai by allowing him to move freely even amongst the public; if only he would help establish “The Foundation”.

---- ---- ----
Name: Margaret Ericson
Alias: Star Striker
Birth Date: February 29th, 1924
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Body Type: Svelte, yet still curvy.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Starburst – Ericson can travel for long periods of time but can also perform short burst of flight at speeds upwards of 800 mph which can temporally break the sound barrier.
Superhuman – Her abilities improve all her motor functions and endurance such as speed & strength.
Starborn - Able to manipulate energy and expel it in shocking balls/beams of yellow & white light.
Effect - Since her body can manipulate energy; the same goes for her exhaustion and/or momentum. The more she uses her powers within a frame of time, the more powerful she becomes. Though in the end, it will take a major toll on her because the powers she possesses aren’t meant for a human body.

- Was raised feeling the effects of the Great Depression after her father did a long stint in the military.
- Lost all of her siblings and parents before reaching the age 21.
- Starting working at a factory within the big city shipping jet engine parts.
- The factory was closed for nearly a month due to random electrical disturbances.
- With no money, she could no longer afford her apartment. She then sneaked into the factory and stayed there for a couple of nights.
- The Foundation Records claims she came across some kind of humanoid that tried to attack her... but she in turn stuck a large pipe through its chest. All she remembers is “I saw it scream, the room went white... blinded. I can remember being scared... and I awoke the next morning. That was it.”

---- ---- ----
Name: Connor Whelan
Alias: Shifter
Birth Date: May 13th,1921
Height: 5'3
Weight: 131
Body Type: Small, only minimally muscular
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnicity: Caucasian (of Irish Decent)

Proteus – Limited animalistic shape-shifting that's not limited to any animal as long as it can survive its current condition,
Perks – The more Whelan shifts into something, he gains their traits even when in human form.
Beserker – Depending on what animal he is partially shifting into, it can effect his personality. This can be a good thing, but there is also the bad.
Impetus – His earliest developing power was a bonding chemical or pheromone that allowed him to be able to interact with animals.

- Born in Ireland though his mother died during child-birth.
- His father took him to America in an attempt to profit from his liquors; and he does.
- With just Whelan and his father, he mostly kept to himself and a stray dog.
- The kinship towards animals leaped after his dog fell ill and died.
- Unknowingly; this triggered a chemical in his body to be able to interact with animals with ease.
- After being drafted into the Army during the earlier stages of U.S. Involvement of World War II; he never combat because his body began to change.
- He was discharged from the Army and drafted by the Nation Division of Sciences where he further developed his abilities.

---- ---- ----
Name: Rudy Graves
Alias: ElephantMan
Birth Date: November 12th, 1922
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 275lbs
Body Type: Heavy build/Muscular
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian w/ Native American Ancestors

Greyside – Graves skin is nearly a natural Kevlar giving him advanced durability (capable of withstanding even gunfire
Superhuman – His abilities improve all his motor functions and endurance such as speed & strength.
Inhuman – Graves continues to develop not only a hardened shell but the side effects of his evolution also dampens his Amygdala causing him to not react or care about others.

- Very in tune with his Native American heritage, Graves has always been quite active amongst the local (Peoria) tribesman. Their dedication excited him.
- After being inspired by his father's war stories, he attempted to join the Marine Corp only to be rejected after acing his basic training because they claimed he had a form of Argyia.
- This was only to be discovered later to be thickened skin, a deformation that's not a disease, but an ability. It just comes with a severe price.
- Now living as the freak often referred to as the “ElephantMan”, Graves doesn't leave the house.
- The National Division of Sciences contacts the Graves family to have him come in and take some tests, hoping to develop a cure. Meanwhile they ask him to join a group of other super-humans like himself in effort to protect this country post WW2.

---- ---- ----
Name: Dana Hernandez
Alias: The Reader
Birth Date: May 5th, 1930
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 110lbs
Body Type: Small-Medium build
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: White/Hispanic (Mexico)

Reader - Ability to read other minds within her vicinity, with her range at first about 3 miles, but now can cover a 50 mile radius (up to 200 when amplified by outside forces).
Inception - Also thought-plant (making others see illusions or think certain thoughts) and mind control.
Telekinalpha - Low-grade. Can move small to large objects (up to approx. 200lbs) with relative ease, and larger objects (200-400lbs) with extreme effort; the larger the object, the more force needed.
Effects – Hernandez's abilities are so strong that if she losses control at any point or becomes unstable, thoughts of people all around her will flood her mind mentally crippling her.

- Born and raised in America though her mother was Mexican and father was a fine restaurant owner.
- Even as a toddler, the parents could sense a connection to Dana; more attached than most.
- As she grew, she could tell what people were thinking around her but to Dana, it's all normal. She doesn't question it.
- She doesn't know until her mother basically tells her about it via her mind. Dana apparently inherited the power.
- It wasn't an issue until she was considered a witch in class because she answered a question without hearing it first. This brought a lot of local (then national) attention to her. Almost revealing the truth of powers.
- In an effort to protect her from the spotlight and media, she was sent to an all girls school where she continuously fought (imagine reading all those girls minds). This jaded her greatly.
- She was then asked to join “The Foundation”... being mostly reluctant but at least she can use her powers without people standing in her way.

---- ---- ----
Name: Rhys Pearson
Alias: Bowman
Birth Date: December 1st, 1911
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 142lbs
Body Type: Slender/Fit
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Honey
Ethnicity: Caucasian (British)

Deadeye – Pearson can hit almost any target, every time. His aim has such a degree of success that it's considered a power.
Free Runner (parkour) – Can leap, run, climb, jump as an Olympian would.
Spy vs Spy – Extensive secret service and espionage training

- Trained by the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).
- Most of his past is in fact a mystery.
- Pearson was (practically) given to the NDS in an effort to establish some kind of relation with the U.S.'s plans for revealing the existence of Powers.

---- ---- ----
That's it! Took a little while right? I know. I also know you're thinking that a lot of these characters seem heavily military oriented and you're not wrong. When our story takes place... World War II just remained the big elephant in the room. So the National Division of Sciences (this is also a working title) was looking for people with not so much with passive abilities but overall physicality. They wanted them to stand out... show their difference. Even though most Power's abilities are relatively simple... these are the people they are wanting to protect.

That's it for this week. I'll be posting up some sketch work for 3 of our major characters soon! Later.


Lost? Do you know what Supara is? Catch up by reading previous entries.

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