The Supara Files: Auerbach Journals 2

There is more to Supara than just the comic. In an effort to establish the universe, we are presenting a series of establishing pieces, helping to flesh out the era of The Foundation. My contribution to this effort, will be the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

These posts may contain spoilers for what will come, so be warned. Also, these posts are written from a regular person, and are HIS perceptions of the universe at large. So the "reality" of his journals may not actually jive with the "reality" of the universe itself. His story continues after the jump...

December, 10th, 1949

Of course, I should have seen this before. One can clearly observe a marked decrease in the instances of so-called “supernatural” phenomenon after the late 17th century. And I think my research may have turned up why. People are a fickle lot by nature, and charismatic individuals can sway the public mind from a decent neutrality to a fervent fanaticism in the blink of an eye. Good decent folk can be turned into mindless frothing killers, as was so disastrously evidenced not so long ago in Germany.

What if, the “Powers” went into hiding out of fear? Events like the Salem Witch trials and groups like the Spanish Inquisition would have made exhibiting these extra-normal abilities a crime punishable by death. Rather than face execution, the majority of powered individuals would have likely gone to ground, masquerading as average people just for a chance to live.

What a horrible fate, to have to hide what makes you special just to live. I pity those individuals of old, that they had to suffer the fear that so recently my own people had to endure.

---From the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

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