The Supara Files: Auerbach Journals 7

There is more to Supara than just the comic. In an effort to establish the universe, we are presenting a series of establishing pieces, helping to flesh out the era of The Foundation. My contribution to this effort, will be the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

These posts may contain spoilers for what will come, so be warned. Also, these posts are written from a regular person, and are HIS perceptions of the universe at large. So the "reality" of his journals may not actually jive with the "reality" of the universe itself. His story continues after the jump...

March 21st, 1950

So this is the way the world ends. I always thought it would be with fire. Fire would have made more sense... felt more right. This is just madness, I still want to believe that it is all just a twisted nightmare. Some sick joke played by a demented doctor.

She had looked to be improving. Her hands were moving. She even opened her eyes. She looked at me, and I swear she smiled. Then yesterday, it all changed. I was holding her hand like normal. I was holding her hand any time I could. Hoping that somehow just knowing I was there would give her strength, would see her back into the light. This time though, her hand just went limp. She looked the same, but her hand was like a limp fish.

Doctors came rushing in, they shoved me out of the way. An hour later, a doctor came to me and simply said, “I'm sorry, she's gone.”

Four simple words, and the world ends.

As I planted a final kiss on my wife's cheek, I realized that it was never going to be fire... It was going to end in ice.

Damn them. Damn them all.

---From the Journals of Prof. Robert Auerbach.

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