Brave: The Pre-Game Show

I want to make it clear, this is not my review for Brave, this is more of just my thoughts going into things. Due to my work schedule, and my desire to get at least some semblance of "sleep", I will be unable to see the film until at least Saturday, I think... But hey, if I am unable to get that sleep today, I will be there, braving the Friday crowd, to see one of my most anticipated non-superhero films of the Summer. So, read on my faithful readers, and see me describe my love/hate relationship with the animation giant known as Pixar.

When it comes to Pixar films, I tend to either love them, or hate them. There is rarely a case, where after watching one of them, I exit and say, "That wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either." So, when I look at any of their upcoming films, I am always at least mildly excited, because there is a good chance I will be walking into another movie that is an instant classic in my eyes. My opinions of the various films are of little importance here, but I will say, that of the 12 Pixar films, I have adored 7 of them.

A great thing about Pixar films, even if you find them not to be your style, you can hardly argue that they are visual masterpieces. From the bits and pieces I have seen from trailers, and TV spots, Brave is going to be no exception. This appears to be another triumph of the computer animation world, and another testament to Pixar's commitment to aesthetic excellence. If for no other reason, I will see this film JUST to soak up the beautiful artwork.

Another thing I find to be fascinating about Pixar films, is the emotional depth they manage to pack into their films. Considering that the primary audience for just about every western animated feature is children, there are levels of emotion packed into these films that I think are completely lost on the prime demographic. When it comes to emotional scenes, I think the first one that pops into my head, is the opening sequence from Up. There have been precious few films that have ever managed to bring me to tears, and there have been even fewer that have managed to do that without a single word spoken. In fact, there has been exactly one that has brought me to tears without a word, and that was Up. That opening scene is one of the most gut-wrenching, emotional scenes I have ever had the privilege to see. That is the kind of emotional depth that I admire, and while it may not be present in every film that comes out of their studio, it is something that they have proven capable of, and something I think Brave has the potential to meet.

So, would it be fair to say that I am going into Brave with high expectations? Yeah. You could say that. However, I think it is warranted. And, no matter what. Whether the film is good, or bad, I think it will never do fall below the Cars franchise in my eyes, and without a doubt... It will, without a doubt, be a better summer film than Green Lantern.

Here's to hoping I'm not disappointed.

Now If you're so inclined, tell me what your favorite Pixar flick is in the comments... I'm interested to see what others think.


  1. I didn't care for CARS or CARS 2. :(

    1. Cars was my least favorite, Didn't even bother with Cars 2. -Frank