Editorial: Welcome to the New Office

Part 2 of my replies to ideas from the community in regards to new post ideas. I think that getting my followers as well as my Facebook fans involved in the process really helps things out, and makes this a more interactive endeavor. So, keep them coming, and I might try and make this a weekly effort. A sort of "fan questions" sort of experience. Leave me an idea for something to write about, and I will strive to write about it, even if I have no clue what to say! Leave ideas in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook. You can even email me, my Gmail account is Slamfiststudios .

So let me discuss the new office, after the Jump.

It was shortly after we actually started up the Slamfist Media project that I decided I wanted office space. A space that we could work on various projects, and to meet when a coffee shop was not an option. So, since roughly the middle of December, I have been looking into cost-effective ways to obtain office space. I had to keep it cheap, because so far there is no money flowing in, and all expenditures such as office space, artistic commissions, etc were all coming out of our pockets. And then, I realized the simple answer... I needed to buy a house.

The house was a good concept, offering me a greater living space, as well as expanded space to place things like an office. Right now, I have pretty much the entire basement dedicated to office/studio space... so we have roughly 1000 square feet to play with complete with a bar.

The downside to all of this, there has been so much packing, moving, and unpacking, that my time and focus have drifted considerably. I lost direction for nearly a month while I tried to get everything straightened away, and am just now getting to the point where I can sit down for a bit, and actually write. This post, and the previous one in regards to the "Zombie Apocalypse" are a direct result of me trying to get back into the groove.

So, I am now officially writing from the new office. I'm using some Ikea furniture as a makeshift desk, so I can write while I have a movie playing in the background. I tend to always have something going on in the background, it helps me focus, oddly enough. Once everything has been unpacked, and arranged properly, I'll let you see my set up, pictures will show up on Facebook, so far, you can only see early pictures of the bar.

My basic setup has the bar and the TV room as part of one big room, that is where I do the majority of my work. We will be setting up here, for future meetings as well as just general bullshit sessions. I am working on making a white board, so that while we work, if we come up with any ideas, they can be immediately jotted down to avoid losing focus.

The next room over, will be the office itself. It is a small room, with a desk and some shelves. This will be where I will go to handle the actual business of the Slamfist venture. If there are books to be kept, or papers to be filed that is where they will go. I felt it important to keep the work separated from the business side of things.

The final room, is a room I call the big room. I have said before that this all started out because of a shared interest in special effects makeup, which is what the big room is going to be mostly dedicated to. I have plenty of room to put up shelves in there, so that I can FINALLY organize some of our supplies.

In the end though the bar/media room is the most important area. It acts as work space, media viewing room, and a basic work space. I think everyone needs a room like this, with walls lined with Blu-rays and DVDs. Now, if I need an on the spot revisit article, I can check stuff out on Netflix, or pop in a disc, and write the review on the fly.

So this is the space I will be working from for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, having this space will help in the creative process.

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