SlamFiction: Ron Stone- Part 13

So, moving into the office hurt my writing more than I had hoped. Still trying to get a decent buffer going, but now that there is actually a desk in here, maybe that will actually be possible. Still have a bunch of boxes to unpack, and I need to attempt to repair a broken desktop, but things are advancing slowly. I have started work on part 14, and have actually already gone through 4 re-writes on just the first two sentences. If all goes well, and I can get focused, next week will once again have two chapters.

But, after a slight delay, here is part 13.

The giant turned and looked into my room briefly, and I realized in the brief second that our eyes met, that this was not the same person. I laughed loudly, which earned a quizzical look from the red-headed nurse. She frowned, shook her head, and then left the room.

After she left the room, I was left to sit there in the drug-induced haze, as some random game show played silently on the TV hanging in the corner. Everything seemed to be happening far away, even though I knew that it was happening in the same room. Even something as simple as moving felt more like I was watching something on TV rather than actually doing it myself. Whatever the red-head had given me, I was feeling great. Even the thought that some scary behemoth of a man might walk in and kill me at any moment couldn't have wiped the doped-up smile from my face.

I watched the clock for a bit, as each second tick away slowly. There was a faint buzz of what sounded kind of like someone talking in the background. I caught the occasional words I understood like “fracture”, “pain” and “medication”. Then there were other words that just sounded made up, like “midazolam” and “hydromorphone”. When I tore myself away from the clock, I saw a young Chinese woman, who couldn't have been much older than me, standing there next to my bed. Her attention seemed to be focused on the chart in front of her. I found myself distracted once more, this time by the harsh fluorescent lights that seemed to fill the room with a blinding whiteness.

“Miss Stone? Are you listening to me, Miss Stone? Veronica?” The Chinese woman's face floated into my field of vision, and I once again burst out laughing.

“Wait. You're telling me her name is Veronica?” Ashton's voice snapped me out of the hysteria. It tried to sit up, and ended up putting weight on the arm in the cast, which immediately sent pain shooting through my body, cutting through the fog of drugs that had been pumped into my body. “And here I thought your parents had been complete jackasses and named a pretty girl like you Ron.”

He smiled at me, and adjusted his glasses. He placed a small shopping bag on the floor, and pulled the doctor aside for a brief discussion. I looked at him, and he seemed calm and collected, as if we hadn't just been chased out of our apartment building by a crazed man who seemed to want me dead.

He finished talking, she handed him some papers, and without a further word, she left the room. He picked the shopping bag back up, and handed it to me. “This little device you had is pretty amazing. Did you know it can hack into ATMs, and it somehow knew what size clothes I needed to pick up for you? Shit I want to keep it.”

I suppressed another inappropriate fit of laughter. “You picked up clothes for me? But I already have clothes.”

“Yeah... about that. The ER docs kinda cut those to ribbons, I told them I'd get you something to change into for when you got discharged, and this wonderful device handled pretty much everything else. Now get dressed. Our new best friend says there is someone we need to meet.”

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