A Brief Tangent on Meetings

There is a lot to be said about meetings. They make for a great chance for minds to meet, and for the group as a whole to collaborate on the big projects that face us. However, sometimes, when you stick a group of sleep-deprived individuals into a room, it ends up being a slow downward spiral into the mouth of madness. The road to hell, is paved with good intentions, true... but the road to madness is paved with good times. So read on, if you will... And witness how a good-intentioned meeting turned into a strange slice of insanity. Venture on after the jump, and step into.... The Slamfist Zone.

We have set up a schedule, to attempt to keep the meetings regular and keep us all on track with our various parts of the projects. As with most gatherings, I tend to say very little... I jump in from time to time with a random idea, but mostly I stay silent, and listen intently. It tends to go better that way. The problem is, when I do open my mouth, things can divert on tangents really quick. But this is the way my mind works. I think it is a mass of tangents up there, with a few bits of completely useless trivia thrown in to keep things interesting.

Anyway, we began to discuss favorite television shows, and which ones we would rank as our personal favorites. We covered lists such as Animation, Hour Long Shows, and even Sitcoms. We got deep into the conversation, and honestly, I wish we had recorded the whole mess, because if we had, I think we would have had an awesome podcast on our hands. It was the type of discussion that I do not think we could reproduce if we tried every day for the rest of our lives. We mocked each other for bad choices, and complained vociferously about any perceived slights. We laughed, and all around it was a great time. To be quite honest, it was the most fun I have ever had at a meeting, of any variety.

We even managed to get a little bit of random productivity in there, but I assure you... it was completely accidental.

Things managed to diverge onto my favorite tangent, when we started to discuss the WORST TV shows of all time. Such easy fare as "VIP" and "Baywatch Nights" were tossed out quickly, but when I mentioned "Power Rangers" things devolved to the point of plain silliness. At that point we began discussing the various iterations of Power Rangers, and one of us, I can't remember which at this point, mentioned "Power Rangers: SVU". Mentioning this fake TV show seemed to strike each of us at the same time, and ideas flowed like a river, and it seemed as if we were each thinking the exact same thing.

We posited a scenario with 5 people in suits walking down a hallway, each with a different color tie, to match the outlandish Power Ranger helmet each one wore, all while a Zordon-esque voice narrated "In the city of Angel Grove, the people are protected by 5 teenagers with attitude. These are their stories". This scenario was quickly followed by casting the various supporting characters.... We went from making the judge a big blue head in a jar, to making the prosecuting attorney a red man in a suit with an exposed brain... Suffice to say, I think the idea was damned hilarious. And if I had money, each member of the team would have a matching suit, with a different colored tie, and a Power Ranger helmet, and this very brief sequence would be filmed.

So, What has this particular meeting taught me?
     1) I need to invest in audio equipment, so we can start podcasting
     2) I need to try and learn to be a little more productive
     3) I seriously need to come up with some ideas for new blog posts.

So now for some reader participation!

For the lot of you, What would you rate as your top 5 TV shows of all time? Answer in the comments section, or over on the facebook page!


  1. I call blue. I look good in blue...

  2. Hell, I'd take Red. or Green. But hell no am I getting stuck with Pink or Yellow.