Face Off: Season 3-Part 1

Glenn Hetrick and Myself. 
Well, it's time for me to indulge in one of the few television shows I actually tend to watch. A show that is a great way to sit back and enjoy one of my favorite things, namely special effects makeup. I find the things that these talented individuals can do to be simply breath-taking. The insane amounts of effort that go into the prosthetics that they create is a thing of beauty. And I find myself eager to see just what they manage to come up with this year. So, now that the episode is just about ready to actually start, let's hit the jump, and see what this season has to offer. If you plan on watching the show, read no further. There will be spoilers.

First challenge, to create an original face make-up from stuff found at a party. This is heavily reminiscent of the first season, and honestly a favorite challenge of mine. Taking everyday objects and creating something extraordinary from them is an awesome challenge, and shows the creativity of each of the contestants. This challenge off the bat tells me a lot about which artists I'm going to like to see more of this season. My love of gore leaves this first crop of pieces to be not up my alley... But the artistry of the pieces is still admirable. Eric's colorful piece is a little jarring visually, but hey Sean Astin liked it best, so who am I to judge. I honestly preferred his brother's piece personally, however.

And moving on from there to a challenge based on the Star Wars Cantina. And in an amazing twist of fate, the two fluorescent-haired girls end up teamed up. The sketching phase is always a fun part. And it already tells me who my least favorite individual is this season, and interestingly enough... I don't see him listed on the Website. Could that be a sign?

Some of the concepts that are coming out of this challenge are insane. High concepts, mixed with some generic aliens. And I honestly just can't stand Joe. Which actually highlights the biggest complaint I have had about the series from the beginning. The show focuses too much on the people themselves, and not enough on the artistry they are creating. I watch the show for the makeup. But quite often I am being forced to see the massive egos that some of these artists have. Honestly, if I wanted to watch a group of people bicker incessantly about petty shit, I'd sit at work and get paid for it. Show me more of the art, and less of the fighting...

The insane work that they do, in such a short time frame is awe-inspiring. So much effort as we head into one of the best parts... Listening to Glenn tear all that effort to shreds, while we get to see the full effects for the first time.

Now just a quick blurb on each of the efforts:

I can totally dig Jason and Eric's effort. Very spiffy.

Joe and Tommy... Awful...  Just Awful. ...Seriously. Which means Glenn gets to shred it.

Laura and Sarah have an interesting design. I really like it. This is my overall favorite of the night.

Rod and Roy have created something interesting, that deserves massive kudos for the effort that went into it.

Nicole and Alana suffered for time, and it really shows. But a good concept saved them.

And I have no idea what to think of CC and Derek's. It is an interesting idea, but the color is just plain bad.

At this point, if Joe doesn't go home... I've lost a lot of faith in this show... and, he ran away, which could explain his picture not being on the website. And that auto-disqualification wins the day, apparently his embarrassment was enough to shame him into leaving.

As of yet, I have no clear favorite for the season, however I think the twins might be the ones to watch.

If I comment on future episodes, I will be doing it based on recordings... Watching it at the same time as it is airing, while writing this... really hard. Yeah, and I'll likely just use stock images for any future posts... I just wanted to post the pic with Glenn...

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